About Us
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Our idea is to fill the gap between low price mainstream art and expensive renowned works.

ARTMINDS presents an alternative, which is both authentic yet affordable: fully framed limited edition prints by Talents, mainly from regions with economical difficulties.


We sell affordable prints in limited edition by emerging artists from economically challenging regions and expose their art at exhibitions throughout the Scandinavia.


Everything we do is driven by ambition to help talented people to be discovered by the audience. ARTMINDS exclusive variety of painters, makes us a channel through which art lovers can discover new and exciting artists that otherwise would go unnoticed. We are facinated by the possibility to communicate the story and phylosophy that lays behind every art piece. A big part of our job is to assist out clients in finding that special artist whos works speak to the souls and personal values.


Commitment to excellence in all that we do -
this is what we are striving for.