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Nadya Sayapina-Hendruseva

BY THE AUTHOUR: Mountains have the ideal shape for playing with illusion. We are all aiming upwards, to get to know the skies better, to discover the cosmos, to explore something that is prohibitively high. Mountain, pyramid, triangle are the symbols of development. But mountains reflected in the water reminds us: "One who flies too high, may fall down too deeply".

Size of the original: 60 x 40 cm

Technique of the original: watercolor on paper

Year of the original: 2015


Number of editions: 50 pieces

Size of prints: 50 x 33 cm

Outer size incl. frame: 70 x 50 cm

Type of prints: archival inkjet


We frame our prints in pine/oak Italian frames with real glass and Nielsen Bainbridge acid free passe-partout. All frames are cut and assembled by hand in Sweden.

With / Without frame:
Price: 3990 SEK