Lilya Kouhan

Lilya Kouhan

I do not want to be just another trendy painter, what I want is to stay honest with people.

Country of origin: Belarus


It is crucial for me to fill in my artworks with emotions, I feel bad without being able to do this. I accept everything what happens to me because I see it as a strong material for my future pieces.

Beauty lives everywhere, even in most disgusting manifestations of life. My mission as an artist is to extract this beauty. Norms is the least thing that attracts my attention at the moment.

The disruption of balance creates ideal conditions for the birth of drama. To make a contact with reality at a very ultimate level is essential for me, and even more essential is to make people feel and think deeply about our day-to-day dramas.

Lilya Kouhan

I am a lucky person, I can express myself though the most important thing in my life - paintings.


As an observer I try to portray what is happening around through the prism of my own philosophy.


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