Nadya Sayapina-Hendruseva

Nadya Sayapina-Hendruseva

I am a tune, my paintings are my voice. And only you know how my song sounds.

Country of origin: Belarus


My art can not be characterised as permanent. Stability for me is a stop, a termination of any improvement and a limition of my freedom.

With each new period in my art, the approach and technique slightly differs, this results on the paintings themselves. Therefore it is difficult for me to say what style I prefer more. The common thing that unites all my works is the depth and sincerity.

All my works are about myself, even though they contain no self-portraits. Me and my art can be characterized as dual. I'm eager to show both general and particular, abstract and concrete.

Some of my paintings are figurative, symbolic. Their emotional contents are sharpen by mind to a specific image and absolute. This is a reflection of my feelings and emotions, usually acute and urgent.

Other works, in watercolour, are deeper and more abstract. They are created by an act of meditation, immersing in own subconscious essence. There is no prior analysis in these pieces, usually their concepts occur only after creation.

Nadya Sayapina-Hendruseva

This is something I strive for: to create the concept with my mind, but on the basis of livid impulses, pure and honest perception.


There is no place for hard specifics, my watercolor art is intuitive.


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