Vera Kauzanovich

Vera Kauzanovich

In my art I am constantly searching for warmth and harmony.

Country of origin: Belarus


I was born in cold snowy day of the year 1984 in a small Belarusian city.

I was growing up as obedient but sickly child. My poor health was a reason why I was spending a lot of time at home, being totally dived into my own thoughts and dreams.

At that time I actively started to paint, because it was the only right way for me to fill in my loneliness and express my feelings. I was seeking for warmth and harmony, where paints and brushes where the right explorative tools for me.

At that time, sometimes I was thinking that my passion to drawing is some kind of disease that was progressing fast.

When I was 17, I decided to become a professional artist, and nothing could stop me in reaching that goal. After two more years, I became an art student of one of the most well-known art universities in Belarus. During those years of study, I was still searching for that unknown mysterious harmony, but the only difference was that then I was sure that my calling for art was definitely not a disease.

Vera Kauzanovich

When I was a child I though that my calling for art was some sort of progressing disease.


My art gives me a felling of freedom and endless independence.


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